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Minimalism & Entrepreneurship with 3vies

It was a pleasure to talk minimalism, entrepreneurship, decision making, Beams and more with Mark, founder of 3vies, on his Evolution of One podcast.

Mark and I met on the micro-podcasting app, Beams, where we've discussed what minimalism means, looking more deeply and critically at our processing of living intentionally with less.

You can follow me on Beams @minimalism, and Mark, @3vies.

What a joy to have connected with this like-minded soul. Check out the full interview by searching Evolution of One on your favourite podcast platform, or watch the full interview below:

Mark is the founder of 3vies described as an independent print magazine and media company that creates content centered on waking up to life, making decisions and building habits that create the life you want.

Co. is home to ideas, insights and philosophies from those challenging the accepted and expected, and good people doing good stuff. It's an extension of the lockdown legacy, Good Stuff Radio, and home to makers, creatives, tattooists, musicians, architects, writers and more, talking about what's important.

Read the blog here.

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