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The Frome Independent Trader Profile

We're chuffed to have been invited to share more about El's & Co. with The Frome Independent - one of our favourite markets to attend. It's a pleasure to see The Frome Independent grow to be one of the best showcases of independent and small business in the South West. Am I allowed to say the best?

Here's a snippet - read the full article via the link below.

"Tell us a bit about you and your business.

I’m El, Dorset based business owner, minimalist, wannabe musician, and sea swimmer. El’s & Co. draws together my many varied projects and ventures to offer a curated selection of highest grade vintage-wear with specific focus on European and American workwear, denim, Americana and military wear. The Co. element is a blog of stories, insights and philosophies from those challenging the expected and accepted, and those good people doing good stuff. The premise behind Co. is to seek out the deeper stuff in life, the truest of good stuff.

Where do you get your inspiration – what motivates you to do what you do?

A minimalist lifestyle comes first – and yes it sounds a juxtaposition to retailing but hear me out, I deal in product that represents a daily uniform: high quality, highly functional and durable pieces of clothing that have lasted years already, and will last many more. These are items with a story. The love of the product extends from my own daily uniform, underpinned by over a decade of deep diving into a life of simplicity, intentional living, minimalism – whatever you want to call it, I define it as: less bad stuff, like excessive material possessions, tolerations, anchors and digital overload, and more joy, fulfilling relationships, peace and good stuff. I have retired from the 9-5 and curated a lifestyle around a really fun “job”, fantastic people, and product I believe in. That remains a constant source of inspiration and motivation."

Read the full piece HERE

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