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Welcome to El's & Co.

Stuck at home with Covid, what else would I do? I had a lightbulb idea to bring together all of my ventures, product, interests, and to create a platform extending the principles of the 2020 legacy, Good Stuff Radio.

El's & Co. has evolved with me over the past few years to include a blog, store and the home of my website builds and podcast set-up guidance. I'm very proud to have produced The Podcast Set-Up Guide, offering a one-stop shop for all the information you need to start that podcast you've been thinking about for a while.

El's Vintage Workwear - that you know - and other vintage, deadstock and new finds - European and American workwear, Americana, denim, sportswear, military wear, accessories and more will find a home here in time.

The Co. element of El's & Co. represents the values of Good Stuff Radio in a new format - kind of. Good Stuff Radio was a podcast exploration into good people doing good stuff whom have ditched the superfluous to reveal the true good stuff in life. They know what makes them tick, or they know how to find it. I enjoyed 10 fantastic conversations which are available on your favourite podcast platform.

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