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Web Ideas 02 | What kind of website do I need as a small business?

Good question.

I use two platforms for the Website Build Packages that I offer based on what your goals are for your business and website.

"I just want to sell some product"

If this is you and your business goals would be satisfied by having:

  1. A contemporary, minimalist home page which introduces and showcases your products;

  2. Offer clean and clear categories, filters, product gallery and description space;

  3. A concise "About" section;

  4. A contact form and newsletter sign-up;

  5. A mere 2.5% fees on sales..

I've got just the package for you. For £350, you can have all of this including the listing of 15 products all in a matter of days. It's Website Build Package 1: Simple E-Commerce, and let me tell you, it's well up your street. It'll look something like Yaz's website:

"I want a home for my projects and portfolio, but I'm not interested in selling (yet)"

Website Build Package 2 is for you. We use the Wix Editor to create a home page and any number of media presentation whether video (embedding from a site, or uploading your own), photo gallery in different aesthetics, podcast and/or blog. This is for you.

This is great to make an online home for your projects and portfolio and to invite visitors to contact you for commissions or collaboration where you don't have a physical or digital product to sell.

"I want a portfolio and the opportunity to sell"

The most popular option, this is what is - you have the flexibility to add a combination of media pages and information, as well as have a shop which can be as prominent as you like on your site.

It can be the main emphasis of your site, with those media pages sitting secondary.

This can be built up and added to in time, as you wish. It really is up to you.

I've shared some videos to TikTok and Instagram to give you real examples of sites I have built to show what's within easy reach.

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