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Web Ideas 01 | Do Small Businesses Need a Website?

No, but...

Here are three reasons of many why you should have a website for your small business.

1. It's Your Shop Window

If social media is your shop window and gives your audience and prospective buyers / clients / interested people an insight into you and your offerings, cemented in a website those people can find the exact details of:

  • what you do

  • why

  • how

  • who you are

  • buy stuff

Clear, concise information detailing the essence of your venture is key and can more easily and consistently, be achieved on a website than on social media.

2. Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

By the nature of my work, my social media algorithm is almost entirely get-rich-quick schemes - sign up for this masterclass in X, Y, Z. It's mostly affiliate marketing, and if you're like me, do you wonder why those people who are purportedly making 7 figures are making naff videos on social media?

What do we do if we're interested? We Google them.

How do you know that the accountant that Pat up the road has recommended is a) accredited? b) offers the type of services that you're looking for? c) whether they're legitimate.

A professional looking website increases legitimacy and trustworthiness - those essential factors to building rapport in business.

3. You're In Charge

Remember that you do not own your social media account. We are products of data for social media platforms and I have seen countless instances of accounts being blocked and disabled out of the blue, or that have been hacked, or deleted over a violation of a policy you never understand - and you can rarely speak to a real person to plead your case.

A website is yours. The design elements and layout of content is within your control. You achieve much greater marketing clout for being in charge of these elements.

So, ready to go? Check out my Web Build Package options and let's get it done.

You can contact me HERE.

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