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22 | Sammy Murphy, Founder of Pier Journal

So many people talk about projects, make a splash, get loads of Instagram followers in the process, but never follow through on ideas.

Sammy's a regular face at the South Coast Makers Market events and when I heard about Pier Journal, I knew I had to catch up with Sammy to learn more about her work and that of Pier Journal.

El: Please tell us about yourself

S: Hi, I’m Sammy Murphy, a graphic designer on the South Coast and Co-Founder of Pier Journal. With over ten years’ experience in the design industry, I’ve had the chance to work with a range of brands such as The Sunday Times, BBC Music, Barclays, Nesta, Hammerson and Native Land.

Alongside my studio work, I sell my own designs including lyric art prints, tote bags and

t-shirts. From David Bowie to Beyoncé (and not forgetting my eternal love for 00’s emo bands!) my work captures my very eclectic taste in music.

In addition, my partner Chris Johnson and I have recently launched Pier, an independent community journal celebrating the creative culture of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

El: I see music as an influence in your personal work, why is music so important? And can you choose a top 3 of tracks or artists?

S: Music has an irresistible charm of giving us more than just the music it contains. It transports us to a different time in our life. Whether it’s a wedding song, first gig or the soundtrack to your summer, music gives you the gift of nostalgia. With my artwork, I hope to resurface these fond memories and bring joy to the walls of your home.

Music has always played an important role in my life. I grew up in a house full of love, art and music. Childhood memories include road trip mixtapes, dancing in the kitchen to Northern Soul and scooter rallies down to the coast. My parents were a constant source of inspiration and influenced me creatively from a young age- hence why my top three favourite tracks are recorded way before my time!

  1. Because of You- Jackie Wilson

  2. California Soul- Marlena Shaw

  3. Shake Some Action- Flamin’ Groovies

El: What is Pier Journal and why is it important to you to document the creative scene in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas?

S: Pier is an independent community journal celebrating the creative culture of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Our aim is to provide a platform for independent businesses, makers and creators to showcase their work and position the area as a creative destination full of opportunity. With free distribution along the South Coast, our quarterly journal encourages our readers to shop local and love where they live.

Since moving to Bournemouth, my partner Chris and I felt the area was missing a magazine that brought the creative community together. So we harnessed our previous experiences and designed Pier Journal, a love letter to the area we’re lucky enough to call home.

We felt it important to unite Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole as a single creative destination where both people and businesses can thrive. We wanted to draw the focus away from the beach and to all the wonderful things that are going on in the area. We are more than just a beach and Pier Journal is the first step towards changing that narrative.

El: How would you love to see culture and creativity develop in Bournemouth in the coming years?

S: I would love to see more movement within the different areas of Bournemouth. I feel if more people are willing to support other businesses outside of their area, we will unite Bournemouth and create one cultural hub full of creative opportunities. This will help us retain the talent coming out of Arts University Bournemouth and elevate the town to one of the leading destinations in the UK.

Thank you Sammy - you can learn more about Sammy and see her work here:

Sammy Murphy Design

Be sure to grab a copy of Pier dotted about in independents across the area, and give it a follow on Instagram.

Pier Journal

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