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15 | Sarah Dollar, Musician & Photographer

I met Sarah drumming her way (and singing harmonies! If that's not a next-level skill, I don't know what is) through an amazing curation of country classics, old and new, in the band Tumbleweed.

Sarah's also a photographer, shooting analogue and digital.

El: What came first, music or photography?

S: Music! My beloved grandad was very musical & started me off on cornet..I quickly realised I loved jamming & went on to learn drums & subsequently taught myself guitar.

Photography came afterwards at college. Both are a way to come down into my body rather than go up into my head!

El: Where do you find the joy in analogue photography?

S: I love how it slows you down, it’s grounding. The ‘clunk’ of the shutter, the clicking of the film winding on, it’s a visceral experience. With a finite amount of film you’re much more sparing & considerate about when to take a shot, getting the perfect composition & lighting.

Also, can you beat that feeling of picking up a freshly developed set of negs?!

El: What would be your dream photography gig?

S: I’d love to photograph Sam Fender playing acoustically somewhere in nature. Love his passion & how he’s channeled his childhood difficulties into incredible songs. It would mix my three fav things, nature, music & image making-plus I’d have a lovely serenade whilst I worked!

El: Has your approach to attitude to playing music changed since you started out? What have you learnt along the way?

S: Yes & no…I think originally I played because I loved to, it was an escape & latterly a way to process my emotions. I got into a mind set of wanting to ‘get somewhere’ - to make a full time living from it & realised during the trying to do that I wasn’t enjoying playing that much anymore.

After a break I’m back to how I used to feel..loving playing & writing, I’ve learnt it’s a must do for me & a huge part of who I am - whether I make a living from it or not. Connecting with people through music - whether with band members, a live audience or someone listening somewhere in the world online - is a huge & magical privilege.

To follow Sarah's musical and photographic happenings, head over to Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled for Tumbleweed popping up across Wiltshire.

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