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00 | DJ Ems

Co., the blog, kicks off with friend and DJ, Ems.

El: Your approach to work - hard slog or trusting in the universe?

E: I think hard work shows the universe how much you want it so it is more inclined to send opportunities your way.... That drive within you pushes you to work hard at something, and in turn attract it into your life.

I am learning more about manifestation and law of attraction and I do trust the universe I know that it knows what I want because I have manifested it and believed it is possible for me to achieve, but you also need to hone your craft and work hard at the thing so that when you start to come into the spaces you were hoping for, you are ready and the able to deliver, the universe can't do that bit for you!

El: What's your view on the term "female" DJ?

E: At the end of the day we are all mixing songs and having a good time because we have an appreciation for the music and want to share that with people, regardless of our gender, I am a DJ who happens to be a female not the other way around, it isn't my sole identity however I support and appreciate the ongoing work being done to encourage a more gender balanced industry there is a space for everyone.

El: What's the steepest learning curve you've faced since we last caught up?

E: Probably that life doesn't get easier we get better at dealing with it and the stuff we have to deal with is harder and more complex. Being mindful of where I put my energy and recognising that it changes all the time as I react to the situations I am in and what I encounter through life, day by day, week by week.

Ems is a House Music DJ from Surrey/London playing anything from Vocal/Piano House to Pop Remixes and Tech House. Ems has a monthly, Friday night radio show on London’s Flex FM. She has been playing out for around 4 years at various events and venues across London, notably Ministry of Sound, Boxpark & former residency at Lit in Clapham. Her influences are 2010's EDM, and 80/90's Classic House.

Ems and I connected initially over a love of vintage - a selection of which we'll be launching in our store in due time.

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