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10 | Emily Endean, Photographer

Emily's photos are like nothing else. Calmness, serenity and the Bournemouth stretch of coastline painted in the most beautiful light, Emily's Insta feed is a boost to the positive feels in a sea of "content".

El: What did it take to leave the 9-5?

E: I had been juggling my photography business alongside my 9-5 for around 7 or 8 years and as the photography grew, I went part time in the 'day job'. This went on for some time and I floated by this way, wanting more, but never really knowing if it could be possible. Carol and I always spoke about getting a van and going off travelling and after the push of restrictions of the last few years along with some friends and family sadly passing away or being diagnosed with terrible things we had to have a word with ourselves. Life is short. Too short. It was time we got on with our dream of van life and I soon realised this was my opportunity to make photography my income and how this meant I could actually travel with my work and personal projects and not be confined to one area. So we both quit our 9-5's to embark on an adventure into the unknown, and I've never felt more inspired and alive!

El: Tell us about your van

E: I have a '94 Classic Hymer and it's an absolute beauty. It's a big old left hand drive and I honestly had to overcome some fears to drive it! Now I'm used to it, I love it! It's a perfect living space for me, my wife Carol, and our cat and dog. We can travel the UK with my photography and hopefully make lots of memories along the way!

El: What do you love about sea photography?

E: I have a strong connection with the sea and I love the way you can enter the sea and all troubles drift away, you are truly present in that moment immersing yourself with all of your senses. Photography is the same for me. I love mindful photography, following what you feel, see and are drawn to. So to combine those 2 things just felt the natural thing to do during my lockdown swims so I purchased an underwater housing. It then opened up a whole new way of shooting to me! I love to capture the sun just as it tips the horizon, showing its glow to the world and starting a new day of opportunity. Cheesy right? But so true!!!

Thank you Emily. See those snaps here on Instagram and check out Emily's new blog, People of the Ocean.

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