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13th August: an update for you. The idea of legacy and purpose has crept into my mind in a different light recently. I'll be exploring this in another post. It's always been at odds with my ideas of minimalism, but now not so much.

I'm taking Good Stuff Radio offline for now, maybe forever.

I'd like to thank the epic guests from the bottom of my heart for giving their time and energy to a really powerful conversation.

The premise of Good Stuff Radio has evolved into Co. - the blog where you get to enjoy weekly drops of insights, philosophies and stories from good people doing good stuff. It's what you're reading now. Enjoy the chats, and sign up to the newsletter here for first dibs on vintage wear stock drops, El's ear worms and more.


An exploration into how good people doing good things can reveal the true good stuff in life. Through interviews, philosophies + stories, we’ll be exploring how to ditch the bad for more good.

A lockdown legacy. I segwayed into some minimalism pieces which I'll explore here further in time.

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Good Stuff Radio really paved the way for Co. It is the premise of this podcast that has extended to this blog. A written blog is much more manageable a task because as much as I enjoyed the conversations for the podcast, the administration and editing was a lot! For anyone looking to start a podcast, please reach out, the hours of research on microphones, set-ups and editing have got to be a help to someone!

Co. has become the place for stories, insights and philosophies for those good people doing good stuff.

It conveniently sits with El's - highest grade, individually curated French and European worker jackets, trousers, overalls and coveralls, as well as American denim, military wear and more. You can shop it all HERE.

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