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11 | Andrew, J.A.M.S Ironwork

Andrew and Sarah are friendly faces I bump into regularly at various markets across the area. It's always nice to catch up, and hear about their Salisbury shop.

El: Please tell us a bit about J.A.M.S Ironwork

A: The name J.A.M.S. is the first initial of each of my family. J is Jade my youngest daughter, A is me Andrew, M is Michaela my eldest daughter and S is my wife Sarah.

I have always worked in steel fabrication since leaving school. I made myself a little forge at home and started making ironwork items for friends and family, anything from candelabra to garden gates.

I always had an interest in all things vintage to so I guess over time the two interests merged and I used my metalworking skills to restore old metal industrial items.

Now I sell a mixture of restored originals, up-cycled projects and my own designs I make from scratch.

El: What’s your favourite part of your creation process?

A: I never put an idea down on paper, I suppose it's best to sketch out designs but I like to just get started with an idea in my head and see how it starts to look when making.

I often buy items from flea markets because they look pretty cool to me and should be something i could use.

These items usually sit in a pile of other finds for sometime while i let a few ideas develop.

My favourite part of the process is when an idea for these parts has popped into my head so I grab all the bits and start making to see if it starts to look as good as anticipated.

El: What have you learned from opening a shop?

A: Since opening the shop I have found it very different to selling at markets. It's good to have a permanent base so returning customers can find you again easily. Local support has been very good, even people not buying have popped in just to say how pleased they are to see another independent open.

I have been able to expand what I make and sell too - at a market you usually have a smaller space to work with so now I can make larger items without having to worry about transportation to and from events.

I also have wall space now that I don't use for my own products so have started to work with a few artists selling their work, that has been a bit of a learrning curve as well.

El: Do you have a golden nugget of advice or reassurance you’d tell your 18 year old self?

A: I would probably warn myself not to let self doubt get in the way of good opportunities. I didn't go full time with this business until the fear of failure was superseded by the fear of reaching an age when I look back on life and regret not giving something a good go.

Thank you Andrew. Check out J.A.M.S Ironwork on Instagram - you can shop online here: or visit Andrew and Sarah in their store:

18A Winchester Street,


SP1 1HG.

Photo credits: J.A.M.S Ironwork and Paul Bevan.

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