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08 | Paul, The Wax Jacket Cleaning Company

Re-waxing jackets - maybe it sounds niche, but preserving some of the best garments made to last another 60 years? I'm all for it. Longevity, durability, and the prospect of one purchase for life, means a wax jacket sits firmly on my favourite list. Meet the company re-waxing 3000 jackets a year.

El: Welcome to Co.! Please introduce yourself.

P: We are Paul, Betty, Helen, Garnia, Stephen and Simon - and we love what we do. We now have 2 workshops - a wax workshop and a repair and restoration workshop.

El: How did you get into wax jacket care and restoration?

P: We owned two dry cleaning businesses in Yorkshire for a few years, but wanted to have a business that could have an impact on sustainability, so we sold the shops to the staff for £1 as something for them and their families - a thank you for all of their hard work. We mentored them for 6 months and those shops are still going strong. It was nice to be able to give something back for their hard work, as they had helped us get to where we wanted to be.

To have a positive impact on sustainability, as wanted to specialise in the cleaning and re-waxing, and restoration of wax jackets. I'd worn wax jackets for years and could never find anyone offering the services I wanted.

We'd been cleaning and re-waxing and preparing our own for a while, so after around 2 months of setting up the small workshops with just the two of us, we began to develop our specific process, combining traditional methods and up-to-date processes to master our trade. The before and after are so satisfying for our treasured customers.

We have also developed our own wax as shipping the wax we were using 400 miles was increasing our carbon footprint each time we ordered.

We are a team of 5 and work with some of the most established brands in the world.

We are making an impact on slow fashion and sustainability, one jacket at a time.

El: How have you found yourself in a corner of the North Devon coast, Ilfracombe?

P: So.. Ilfracombe: we came down to have a couple of weeks' holiday and rave as much as possible having finished 6th Form! My Uncle was the Head Chef at the largest hotel in Ilfracombe, so I started working there and then fell in love with a girl who walked across the kitchen one day and genuinely blew my mind!!

I moved back to Harrogate after a few years but came back in 2016 because of the pull and benefits of the sea.

3000 jackets a year and growing - this is a very cool business and I'm really chuffed to have found it. If you want to see very, very satisfying before-and-after shots, be sure to follow The Wax Jacket Cleaning Co. here

Book your jacket in - now's the time before autumn:

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