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04 | Liv Thurlow

I've been following Liv and her projects for a few years now - it was a pleasure to bump into her at a Cycle Like A Girl ride last year.

El: What do you do as a Creative Producer?

L: It's a bit of a hybrid role – a mix of account management, creative thinking, production, studio and project management. My experience of the role spans creative events and film and content production. From technology, fintech, fashion and lifestyle, I've worked on and across a wide range of clients - from interviewing the Director of the National Cyber Security Centre for BT, beautifully styled press events to a Percy Pig-themed festival for M&S, it's been a ride! The main job is to essentially take a concept and turn it into a reality – making sure everything comes out seamlessly (with the many logistics and hurdles that comes with that), and that the design vision at the start is realised in the end.

Although right now I'm figuring out what to professionally call myself... a multi-disciplinary marketing creative?! I've recently moved roles to sit within the Strategy department at the agency I work at to better suit working remotely, so 2 days a week I deep dive into research to help find insights to shape briefs and concepts. On a freelance basis, I've worked with several start-ups and brands to develop and amplify their brand, creative strategies, communications, digital marketing and content (through creative direction and production). Bit of a mouthful I know, but I think it's good to be a multi-hyphenate in today's world, and it keeps things fresh and exciting.

El: Why is van life calling?

L: A shake up. Adventure. Curiosity. A lifestyle change that isn't constrained by the 9-5 narrative. An attempt to shift mindset to 'working to live'. Basically, all the cliches on the opposite end of the 'grind' and 'hustle culture'.

Like many people the pandemic gave us the "wtf are we doing?!", "let's stop talking about this and just do it" push.

Also, your unique culture and journey is your biggest strength, so I'm excited to build on that by roaming slowly though countries, soaking it all in, collecting experiences.

El: What does your ideal day look like?

L: An entire day of pootling. Waking up slow, a coffee in bed, a rifle through a book, mag, email newsletter, a ramble that ends with a pint, rummaging through tat at a chazza or carboot with pals... simple pleasures.

Follow Liv's ventures and adventures here: @cut_cups @kinship_club and @southcoastvandits

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