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What's New at el's & co.?

What is
El's & Co.?

We specialise in vintage workwear - like your favourite vintage French worker jackets (Bleu de Travail), overalls, trousers and duster coats, as well as vintage American workwear and military wear.

We love vintage denim too. 


Co. is a blog of stories, insights and philosophies from those challenging the expected and accepted, and those good people doing good stuff. 


A monthly round-up newsletter drops once a month, and those subscribed get first dibs on our weekly stock-drop, called The Monday Blues. Mondays, 7pm, 5 new pieces of curated, hand-picked vintage workwear, vintage denim, vintage deadstock and more.

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When? Where?

How much?

We take our vintage workwear, vintage denimmilitary wear and more, to markets, festivals and events across the South most weekends - check out the Events page.


You can shop online anytime.

A vintage worker jacket typically sits around the £40 mark. We ain’t Brighton and we ain’t London, we’re about making personally chosen workwear accessible. The rarer stuff commands a higher price but if you know, you know.



El’s & Co. exists to promote mindful and simple living with curating a selection of staple everyday vintage workwear pieces that may have existed for 50+ years already, and could last another 50.


We’re talking vintage that transcend fads, trends and influencers - we’re talking highest quality, shit that lasts.


Co. is an extension of the desire to share meaningful, intentional stories, philosophies and insights from real people.



We’ve sold our vintage workwear and vintage denim to artists, musicians, creators, architects, TV personalities, tattooists, designers, good people who have an appreciation for vintage workwear, French worker jackets, vintage denim, hand-picked deadstock and military wear.


We have supplied cafes and restaurants with uniforms. We can wholesale stock for your shop.