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Affordable & Effective Website Builds & Podcast Set-Up for Small Businesses & Creatives



Are you ready to cement your online presence with a website and e-commerce store, but don't know where to start, or don't have the time and inclination? 

How great would it be to have somewhere professional to direct clients and buyers?

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Or maybe you'd love to start a podcast but have no idea how? You are in the right place. 

El offers a number of accessible web-build packages and podcast set-up expertise to get you autonomously building your business.

Website Builds

Website Builds

How would it feel to finally have that website you've had on your To-Do list, up and running? 
But don't know where to start with building a website?

Terrified of forking out thousands to an agency to have a site built from scratch?

Looking to reclaim your profits instead of losing big fees to eBay, Etsy and Not On The High Street?

Feel like you should have a site but can't face learning how to do it yourself?


You're in the right place! 

I can create an easy to manage, powerful, functional website & e-store build in a matter of days, taking the learning, faff & overwhelm out of getting your venture operating online.

I work with small and medium sized businesses to build websites that work for them which may include e-commerce, a blog, newsletter sign-up, a podcast and other media, and which integrates with their current social media.

I use the skills and expertise I have gained through years of building my own business websites, to efficiently get you up and running.

If you'd like training on how to manage your site moving forwards, I can offer that, or can manage the site on a regular or ad-hoc basis. I offer a troubleshooting service for those with a site on a different e-commerce or design platform.

The Web Build Packages are tailored to you and your needs.


Lovely Words from Clients

El was super helpful preparing my website for me, I was amazed how quick and easy the process was. it saved me so much time and frustration and I'm really pleased with how professional the website looks. El kindly helped me with a few queries after set up too, which was really appreciated. 

100% recommend.

Natalie Richley


What you'll receive in a Website Build Package


1:1 Phone Call / Local Meet

It's important to understand what your ambitions are, and which Package is most applicable to meet those goals. Once we're agreed, we'll book in a date to complete the build.


The Build

I am experienced in building sites with the Wix Editor and SquareUp. I have found these two platforms to be useful, effective and their fees/plans competitively priced.


Handing Over

I will show you how to access the site and manage your orders.

I will show you the host pricing plans and suggest which will benefit your business.


What I need from you

Prior to starting, I will create a shared Google Drive folder and template for you to submit brand logo, copy, photos and production information - this can be revised, but we need it to get started.



If I have all the detail needed to populate the site, it can be built in 1-2 weeks.

You will then have a website that can go live!


Domains and Moving Forward

The site will have a generic domain. I can show you how to buy a personal domain and I can connect it to your site.

In addition to the Package, I am available for onward management, tinkering time and training should you require.

Web Build Packages

Web Build Packages

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All Videos
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The Podcast Set-Up Guide eBook

The Podcast Set-Up Guide eBook

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Website Build Package 1: Site E-Commerce

Website Build Package 1: Site E-Commerce

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Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence?

Are you tired of relying on social media for sales?

Are big name sales platforms swallowing your profits?

Are you ready to make a lasting impression in the digital world with a podcast?


Look no further! Let's work together. 

Contact El

Contact El

If you're ready to get a website, or a podcast, up-and-running in a matter of days, please get in contact below.

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Thanks for submitting!

Referral Programme

If you run a market or creative community, do you often get asked for recommendations of website builders, copy writers, graphic designers etc.?

I have worked with large creative market hosts offering a fixed commission paid to you, for referrals where individuals sign up to a Website Build Package from me. 

Businesses supporting businesses supporting businesses, cementing the sustainability of all of us. 

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Referral Programme
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